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How To Guide for Espresso Point Owners

Did you know that most Lavazza Espresso Point owners don't use their espresso machines properly?

Basic Tips for Proper Use

More often than not, owners of Espresso Points were never informed as to how to properly use the machine... Not by a user manual, nor the company or individual who sold them the machine. Often it is not until they contact me for a repair or a concern regarding their machine that they find out what proper usage is, and how improper usage can negatively affect their machine.

First, and foremost, the Lavazza Espresso Point was designed to be used. I often refer to this machine as a classic car... They both require regular maintenance and care whether you use them daily or keep them in storage and only use them for special occasions. You should be using your Espresso Point everyday or at least a few times a week. Regular (and proper) use can actually prolong the life of your Espresso Point and lengthen the amount of time between "Tune-ups."

Secondly, if you are enjoying an espresso at least once a day or a few times a week, you should leave the machine on. Yes, on - even overnight. This will keep the brewing unit at a constant temperature, which will stop the internal gaskets from expanding and contracting and eventually drying out.

When these gaskets wear down, they cause leaking from the brewing unit. You may first notice your coffees are taking longer to brew and they are coming out shorter than normal. If this goes unnoticed, then you will certainly notice when the water exits the sides of the unit and ends up in the drawer or drips down the walls of the machine. The longer you wait to have this leaking repaired (what we call a "Tune-up"), the more likely it is that you will experience more issues leading to a more expensive repair.

Next, let's discuss water. You do not need to FILL the water tank... In fact, it is better if you only fill the tank about halfway. Doing this ensures fresh water every time you brew an espresso. Also, the water that you use needs to be purified. Bottled water is best! Disregarding this will not have any short-term ill effects but, over time, the water lines, valves and pump will become clogged and malfunction. 

Keypad Lights & Buttons... What do they do? What do they mean?

ABOVE STOP on your keypad is a power light. This light may blink from time-to-time, but this just means that the machine is not at the proper temperature. If this light constantly blinks and does not stop after running some water or brewing a coffee, then call me for service because your thermostats have gone bad (another sign your machine may be leaking).

BELOW STOP on your keypad is your water indicator light. When this button blinks, your machine is in need of water. If you have water in the tank and this light is still blinking, ensure that your tank's float/magnet and retainer are situated properly. The machine will not recognize water levels unless the float/magnet and retainer are positioned EXACTLY as in the picture to the right. ------> 

Depending on the age of your machine, or if you've had your keypad previously repaired, the next group of buttons will light up either BLUE or GREEN. These buttons are the only buttons on the machine, but they each have a specific purpose.

The LEFT group of buttons are your manual buttons. This means that, once pressed, you will need to press the STOP button in order to stop the machine. From TOP to BOTTOM, the buttons are:

STEAM (used to steam milk for a cappuccino or latte)

HOT WATER (used to dispel hot water from the unit or to simply freshen the water in the lines)

MANUAL SHOT (this button should be used if you desire a coffee shorter than a short or in between a short and a long)


The RIGHT group of buttons are the programmed brew cycles. Once a cartridge is inserted into the machine, you have approximately 30 seconds to press whichever programmed cycle you wish. From BOTTOM to TOP, the buttons are:

SHOT (this is a standard shot of espresso)

LONG SHOT (this is a longer shot of espresso, sometimes used when making cappuccinos and lattes -- Please note: Aroma Club and Tierra should not be used on this button)

TEA (the top button should ONLY be used for Lavazza's hot teas and consommes)

Using the Tea/Consomme button for espresso will put an immense amount of pressure on your machine's pump and brewing unit. This will lead to frequent repairs.

PLEASE NOTE: When testing your Espresso Point machine for an ideal brew, our company uses the standard SHOT button.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our company has a flat service fee of $100 + parts used. Customers who regularly purchase their Lavazza espresso through www.DiscountLavazza.comreceive a discounted service fee and an extended warranty on parts replaced. The approximate turnaround time for repairs is 2-4 weeks after receipt.

When used, and used properly, your Espresso Point can last approximately 2 years or 2,000 coffees brewed, whichever comes first, between tune-up's. However, these numbers can drastically decrease when the machine is misused. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have regarding proper use of your Lavazza Espresso Point! 

*Prices and terms subject to change without notice*